Union Glacier

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I’d been told that after breakfast I’d been given an update on the chances of me getting straight out to Hercules Inlet, I got extremely lucky and it looks like I’ll be flying out tonight at around 2000hrs (Chilean time). My hope was always to get going within 24 hours but the weather here is so unpredictable that you can easily have delays of days or even weeks. The British Army Ice Maidens Team have been here for just under two weeks now waiting for a window to start their crossing from the Leverett Glacier. I was reading their blog from Union Glacier in London so feel very bad that I’ve managed to catch them here and now get out on the ice before them, they are a great group of girls and I’m sure they’ll do brilliantly on their exped.

It’s been brilliant to spend time with the other expeditions here at Union Glacier before we all go our separate ways. Union Glacier is an amazing camp that has been set up by ALE, the staff are the most absurdly nice group of people and the expertise they have is second to none, I’ve picked up some great advice here and feel really good going into the start of the trip. Time for one last big feed now (the kitchen staff at UG are creating feasts fit for kings as everyone packs on the last few extra grams of fat). My stomach has now gone past the point of “insulation” and I resemble a down covered Jabba the hut! Me and the gut best go get the sled and head to the runway.

All the best - Scott