Day 1

image1 (3).jpg

9 hours skied and 17.6kms covered. The 600m climb out of Hercules Inlet was hard work with a full sled, made slightly harder by a strong wind right into my grid from about 10am onwards. All in all though not a bad first day! The sun was shining which made navigation nice and simple but the blowing wind kept it pretty chilly all day. Before I left Liv was kind enough to get a few family and friends to put together their own desert islands disks style playlists, I listened to the first one today and there some classic quotes and song choices already turning up.

Today’s quote/song of the day came from my good friend Josh Murray who decided what I really needed to help me get through the tough times was Chris and Kem’s (of ITV’s Love Island) new track - “leave it”. He then followed this is up with “I was supposed to ask you before you left if you wanted the pork belly or chicken breast for the wedding, if you could ping me a text on that satphone of yours that would really help me out mate”. Unbelievable. I’ll have the Pork Belly Josh.