Day 2

image1 (4).jpg

9 hours skied, 21.3km covered.

Another blue sky here today and thankfully less wind than yesterday. When I had set off from my drop off point, there hadn’t been a puff of wind so I’d gone slightly “light” on the layers on my legs, I had a merino wool layer and my windproof trousers on, I quickly learnt the lesson of how fast the weather can change and when the biting wind hit me on the climb, I ended up with an absolutely freezing “groin” area. Safely in the tent last night (and out of that wind) I was happy there was no damage done to the affected area and donned my down Shackleton, bottoms today which kept all concerned areas warm!

A great day though, had another climb in the middle which slowed progress as well as a few patches of soft snow which makes the sled feel more like a plough than pulk.
Song/quote of the day goes to my sister Kim, who somehow managed to get Mariah Carey, Iron Maiden and Savage Garden in the same playlist. She topped it off with “Let it go” from Frozen because “this is the bit where you said Elsa goes all sexy and sassy in her ice palace.

I also wanted to take the time to answer some questions Liv passed on, this is for Eva and her dad Wayne:
1. I pee away from the wind and go quickly during the day. At night, I go into a bottle in my tent and pour it out in the morning.

Tracking map is now live I believe, head to the blue button at the top of this page!