Day 3


Absolute dream start to the day with the weather, not a breath of wind and bright blue sky, this had me down to just my underlayer  for the first couple of hours. Should have known that Antarctica wouldn’t like this and she quickly threw what I believe is called a wobbly and pounded me with wind for the next 6 hours. Crossed my first couple of visible crevasses around mid day (the wider of the two seen here in the pic) no dramas to report there, apart from the fact whilst crossing I was listening to my friend Andy Bettles’ playlist  and free falling came on as I was midway across the ruddy thing. I have no proof he planned that but it sounds like something he would do! So for sheer incredible timing, song of the day goes to Mr Bettles (who is single ladies).

Received another question yesterday:

1. How do you charge your electronics and what do you recommend?

I’m using a Power Traveller power gorilla battery pack which is charged from the sun using a solar gorilla. I’ve got 24 hour sunlight down here so I just stick the solar panel on the side of the tent when I’m sleeping and everything is usually good to go by the morning! If you use the code AG17 you can get a discount of any power traveler products.