Day 4

image1 (5).jpg

Woke up to a rather strong and chilly wind, I reasoned that at least it meant the surface would have hardened and be easier going. I don’t think I could possibly have gotten that more wrong if I tried. The first 5 hours of my day consisted of me planting my two ski poles three feet in front of me, heaving the so called sled (pretty sure I brought a plough actually) before repeating, moving at similar speeds to the glaciers around me. The snow was swallowing my skis and sled behind me like syrup. By hour 6 of this I decided to take the drastic measure of naming my sled in the hope it would rouse some sort of noble steed persona and get the bastard moving, Bessie the Fourth came good an hour or so later and we finally got shifting at a half respectable place (leaving envious glaciers in our dust).

We managed to squeak out just over 17km, which is quite a long way when you are earning it a foot at a time. The latter part of the day turned into my favourite 4 hours of Antarctica so far, the weather became beautifully still and substantially warmer than this morning and I got stuck into series two of serial, which is excellent. The Chilli Con Carne (Carni? How the hell do you spell it) from Base Camp Foods was off the chain levels of delicious and I genuinely sunk into a slight depression when I finished it. I know I have another one or two in there to look forward to so every cloud. I’m off to get my head down now, ploughing a 17km line across Antarctica has taken it out of me today, Bessie IV is being left outside tonight to think about her actions this morning, hoping for a better performance from her tomorrow!

Question - With it being 24 hour sunlight don’t you find it difficult to fall asleep? I thought it might but I just pull my hat over my eyes and before you know it I’m fast asleep, which is strangely the absolute opposite to when I’m at home!