Day 5

image1 (6).jpg

I couldn’t believe it when I woke up, the sky was blue, the wind wasn’t blowing and the surface was firm. I stuck in the headphones, unburied Bessie IV and off we went. If you are following my tracking map you’ll see these early few days I’ve been twisting and turning in a backwards C shape, this was to avoid some rather large and horrifying crevasse fields. Today saw me finally reach the point where I’ll pretty much head in a straight line to the pole. We made good progress and at just gone lunch time I dare say we were rather enjoying ourselves. Antarctica clearly got a whiff of this pleasure and decided to chunder a white out all over us, a white out that reduced visibility to a few feet and erased any hint of a horizon by merging sky and earth with swirling white. If there are any Stranger Thing fans out there I am basically in the upside down now, demogorgons haven’t been spotted yet but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there. The morale boost of getting the tent up was quickly vanquished by the snapping of an iPhone cable, leaving me with one left to keep my trusty ipod alive for the next 45 days. I don’t think an iPhone cable has ever lasted 45 days on my bedside cabinet, let alone in a tent in Antarctica.

Quote of the day has to go to the Smith family (my godparents) who opened up their playlist with “it’s the Smiths! The family, not the band.” Many thanks for clearing that up guys, definitely got a laugh out of me.

Shout out to the Queens 6Pl at ITC Catterick and hope their NavEx went well, I spent the last 6 hours staring at nothing but a compass so I feel your pain.