Day 6

image1 (4).jpg

A second day of white out here today (the exact moment I saw the weather pictured above), although the veil of white did push out from about 2 metres in front of me to some way into the distance by the afternoon. That’s basically like taking a pillow case off your head and putting a duvet cover on instead, a small victory but a victory nonetheless. Bessie and I set off with a determination to break the 25km barrier that is remaining very much in tact at the moment, I pushed it about as hard as I would dare this early on and we limped in at 20km after 9 hours, Bessie still carrying a bit too much around the ol waist, I’m using around a Kilogram of supplies a day so by this time next week I should be noticing a difference in weight and hopefully we’ll get the mileage up.

Thoroughly enjoyed a couple of official desert island disks today, @james corden, Theresa may and the lovely @judymurray all featuring. I then switched it over to the post watershed version of my friends and families desert island disks made by Liv. The vast majority of which is people talking about how warm they are at that moment in time. Shout out to my Mum @leosears who got song of the day though with Bohemiam Rhapsody. Should have really thought about whether listening to it after 7 hours in a white out was a good idea, bloody terrifying when you’ve got those voices coming at you from alternating earphones, thought Freddy Mercury was about to swoop down out the mist, thanks a lot Mum!