Day 7

image1 (7).jpg

Toughest moment of the expedition by far, just wrote out this entire blog then managed to delete it. Big knock to the morale. Just take my word for it that it was hilarious, exciting, daring and thoughtful. Apologies for this second attempt dross that will now take its place.

The white out of the last two days cleared overnight to blue (ish) skies and a pumping wind from the South. I put on my multiple layers of defence against the biting breeze and psyched myself up for the horrible moment of leaving the tent and knowing it would be at least 9 hours until I was comfortable again. The morning passed relatively quickly but 1130 brought one of the most horrifying moments of the expedition (up until blog deletion) so far. Due to the fact I just stare at my ski tips all day, I have now begun actually listening carefully to the lyrics of songs and could really do with some clarification from any music buffs out there. Is Rocket Man by Elton John actually about drug addiction and in fact not about an astronaut? Next thing you know I’ll find out Candy Shop by 50 Cent isn’t actually about sweets.

The afternoon was slightly more eventful, I suddenly felt a lack of friction to see my left skin flailing off to the side of my ski. The skins are pieces of material you screw to the bottom of the skin to create enough friction to drag Bessie. The rear screw had come out which was rather worrying as it’s never happened before. I needed to fix it immediately but it would require bare hands and the wind had picked up even more. I didn’t want to risk a) a repair bag with screws and tape getting blown away and b) my fingers freezing off. Frustratingly, I knew the right thing to do was put up the tent. From the time the skin came off to having the tent all packed away and repairs complete I lost about an hour, which kept us to a modest 17km for the day, better than 20km and one less finger though. The sun is still shining now (and wind still blowing) which is finally letting in some nice UV rays to warm the tent, it’s been bloody cold in here the last two days. Using the newfound heat to dry/defrost some kit (pictured). Fingers crossed the winds buggers off and we get a nice day today!