Day 8

image1 (8).jpg

A clear day again with a lovely head wind all day right on to my schnozz, the sheer size of my beak is requiring constant checks to make sure it isn’t getting frostbite. It takes the blood that long to reach the end I’m having to cover it with 3 layers to keep it warm. We managed a healthy 20.7km in 9hrs today. All visible topography has officially left my rear view mirror and I am surrounded by nothing but white and blue expanse now. Despite looking completely flat in the distance, as you can see from the picture the reality is nothing of the sort. There are constant ridges and mounds to drag Bessie over which makes for tough going.
I had a very British start to the day, as I was going through the morning wrestle with the tent and wind, I happened to catch one of the tent pegs with my boot pretty hard and instinctively blurt out “oh! Sorry!” I literally apologised to an inanimate object for bumping into it, how British can you be. The only reason I caught myself was because hearing a voice out loud took me by surprise.
The hours of 1400-1600 have now officially been allocated to @stephenfry. I didn’t realise that when I downloaded all 7 Harry Potter Audiobooks, 71 hours of Sherlock Holmes and Mythos, that they were all read by the legend himself. We are currently on to the Chamber of Secrets and Stephen’s Hermione voice has been a highlight of the trip.

Apologies to all my American friends, I forgot to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday, I’ve been fortunate to spend four thanksgivings in the US and think I’ve only just burnt off the last of my feasts this week! Best of luck with your Black Friday shops, May the odds be ever in your favour.