Day 9

image1 (9).jpg

I was so close! 24.7km travelled today and I stopped 260m short of the elusive 25km, my stupid ritual of only checking the GPS once I’m in the tent and the stove is on cost me! If only I’d waddled on another couple of hundred metres. Nevermind, a good day regardless. I’m full of good news this evening actually, I had a few spare @snickers left over when I was packing my food in Punta Arenas and dispersed the extra amongst random bags as a surprise morale boost, the first of which turned up today. I’m currently packing away two chocolate bars a day but they are always frozen and rock hard, they don’t really taste of much frozen and it’s a bit like crunching marble rather than Milky Way. So I was determined to treasure my surprise snickers and have it for dessert in the comfort of the warm tent. Unfortunately, it was still rock hard after leaving it in my pocket for half an hour so I had no option but to stick it down the trousers for 20 minutes (in the packet..). Was 100% worth the wait to have a soft melted Snickers. Despite the consumption of 10kg worth of food the last week and half, you can see Bessie is still a bit of a porker and requires manhandling each morning to make sure all the bags inside her stay put!

Couple of questions:

How do you upload your photos from Antarctica? Does your Camera not freeze?

I take the pictures either on a freeze proof @Olympusuk TG5 tough or a @Gopro wrapped in a thermal case, I then upload them onto my phone, I use a piece of software to compress them down (which is why the quality is a bit lower than usual) then connect to a Satellite phone provided by @NSSL Global and fire them off to the UK where Liv uploads them onto the page for me.

What @JuicplusUk products are you taking each day

I take 3 capsules plus and omega capsule and I have a scoop of chocolate shake in the morning and evening. I also have a bar in my snack bag each day.

What’s your tent called?

At the moment the tent has no name, the party remains a trio of Bessie, @stephenfry and I. (The model is a Nammatj GT2 from Hilleberg)

In a white out so you get dizzy because you can’t see the horizon?

You absolutely can, there is no difference between up and down and you can start to feel pretty horrible, when that happens I just crouch down and stare at the tip of my skies until everything styles down. The cloud is due to come back in tomorrow for a couple of days so I’ve got that to look forward to again.