Day 23

image1 (20).jpg

37km covered today in what felt like a truly bizarre contortion of time and space. I set out and before I could even get my day dream head on I was 9 hours in! What a result! Usually time passes in slow motion, every second feeling like an hour. This then imploded completely and the next 3 hours may have well been a decade long, I would set off determined not to look at my watch for at least what I thought an hour was, after I thought I’d completely over done it and be happily surprised to be well over my goal, I’d check the watch and be 12 minutes into the session. So all in when you combine the two it worked out as a pretty normal long day!

Liv clearly thinks I am starting to lose the plot a bit as she sent me a riddle over the sat phone to mull over during the 12 hour stint. I should give you some context here - Liv is a very smart individual, incredibly so, she’s made a documentary about surveillance that Edward Snowden recommends for goodness sake, yet somehow riddles go so far over her head it isn’t even funny. I’ve genuinely seen her flabbergasted for hours trying to figure them out to no avail. Every time she hears one it’s like you’ve just turned her world upside down. “Two fathers and two sons went fishing one day, they were there the whole day and only caught 3 fish. At 7 o clock, one of the fathers says ‘let’s call it a day there, we’ve got enough to have one each.’ How is this possible? Answers and any good riddles below please!

I’ve been playing around with my rations, due to the fact I am on track to be 12 days ahead of schedule, that is potentially 12kg of weight (and calories) I could be eating, as you can see in the picture Bessie is still a big ol lump at the moment. This is always a dangerous game though, Antarctic weather can change in an instant and you can be tent bound and all of a sudden I’ve but the entire expedition at risk. I’ve been conservative and side lined a minimum 5 days emergency rations no matter what, I’ve given myself 17 days to get to the pole, then split the extra couple of packs over the next 5 days(an extra meal a day). If I then get to within 125km of the Pole, I’ll consider breaking into a day or two of the remainder a meal at a time depending on the forecast.