Day 24

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I’ve got some kind of poltergeist stuck in my ipod, it’s very inconvenient. After sticking in the headphones this morning it proceeded to not play single track but read the title of every track on my iPod to me in the mark 1 Siri voice. It would then randomly start playing midway through an audiobook, before stopping and continuing reading the titles. This resulted in 12 hours and 35.5km of absolute silence, which was quite nice at times, but also makes time pass very slowly.

The ground out of Thiels corner begins to rise again quite steeply, I was having to work quite hard to keep my pace going up the incline, so much so that my buff became quite damp with the vapour coming out the top of my jacket. I then stopped for a 10 minute snack break, in the minute or so it took to get out my snack bag my buff froze solid around my neck like some sort of brace. I then tried to bend my head down to my mitt to get a handful of nuts and couldn’t quite get the angle over the lip of my new neck brace, leaving my squirming in desperation to reach my treat. I ended up just thirsting the bag into my face and fishing anything out I could get my teeth around.


Do you have to tie Bessie down each night so she doesn’t blow away?

Bessie still needs to go on a bit of diet before she’ll blown away, I leave all my food and fuel in there to weigh her down at night (still over 35kg worth!)

Do you have to build an ice wall around your tent each night?

I have snow flaps sewn around the edges which I cover in snow to weigh it down, then if the wind is blowing a bit I’ll put Bessie as a mini wall, then only if it is seriously pumping will I build a wall.

How do you brush your teeth?

I have a little fold out brush and a travel size tooth paste bottle.

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