Day 25

image1 (22).jpg

Just a pic of me hanging out with all my friends. I promise you my existence isn’t as sad as this picture looks, I’m actually midway through a @snickers at this point so thoroughly enjoying myself. The food front did take a bit of a dip today as I finally ran out of @juiceplus uk chocolate shakes, I’d only planned for two a day but started smashing one as dessert as well.

The iPod poltergeist has continued to taunt me, I managed to get a few hours of music out before it through a wobbly again and it was back to silence for the rest of the day. We got 36.5km in the bag after 12 hours, hours 9-11 are starting to become very very dark times and hour 12 is nothing short of emotional.

We crossed over the 86th degree as well which is always a bit of a morale boost. We are getting ever closer to the truly testing 87th which is known as “the Sastrugi national park”, where apparently the Sastrugi is the size of cars and buses. The sheer scale of things here constantly plays havoc with your perspective. I’m steadily climbing at the moment but due to the air quality here you can see for miles and miles, I kept squinting into the distance as it looked like I was approaching “the wall” from game of thrones.  It’s actually just the continued elevation gain of dozens of miles that is visible combined with the glare, a bit gutting really - always fancied myself as a member of the nights watch.


Did you take anything Christmassy with you?
I’m afraid I actually didn’t, apart from the three Christmas songs on my iPod - “don’t cry it’s Christmas by David Brent” “All I want for Xmas by Mariah Carey” and “Santa Claus is coming to town by the Jackson 5”

What one thing do you wish you had taken with you now you are down there?
I would happily have carried another 10kg worth of food I think. Nothing could have prepared me for how hungry I’ve been getting. The problem is the food I do have is so delicious as well that it is pure torture knowing I’ve got bags of it sitting right outside!