Day 26

image1 (23).jpg

38 days - 5 weeks. Weeks 1 and 2 don’t really count as you’re just excited to be there, week 3 you are coming up to the half way point which is a big morale boost so that doesn’t really count either, week 5 you are on the home stretch which makes that fine as well, that means week 4 is actually the only one you really need to worry about, and I am currently slap bang in the middle of week 4 which is proving to be very hard work. We managed to get 35km done today but it is getting harder and harder every day to keep inside the 38 day goal mileage, we’re on target for now though so we’ll take it!

I’m officially getting bullied by this IPod poltergeist. I thought I was going to get a full 20 minutes uninterrupted today, but it was just waiting for my favourite song to come up before it set off again “top rated, 25 most played, genres, pop, rock, country” I’ve listened to every playlist title being read at least 100 times today.

You’ll see on my hat it says A1 Pharmaceuticals, huge shout out to Gary Lewis and hope he is on the mend. Gary is an impressive military historian (as well as owning A1) and was kind enough to sponsor the expedition, he unfortunately suffered some health issues on Remembrance Sunday this year but is bouncing back already I’m sure.