Day 27

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Started off the day right with breakfast in bed (cup of coffee, porridge and 2 scoops of @juiceplus vanilla for the nutritionists amongst you). Despite covering an unremarkable but respectable 35.7km, today was a pretty good day, the 12th hour wasn’t quite as heinous as usual - don’t get me wrong it was still a horrific affair but acceptably so.

After I fired off the blog last night I got about my final bag of rations. I divided the 50 days into 3 bags before I left and it was time to sort out the final 20 days, I’m splitting 3 extra days worth of rations over my next week to help up my calorie intake. This turned out to be a very dangerous decision, I had bags full of unwrapped chocolate, biltong, sweets and nuts everywhere. It was like watching a vampire try and perform open heart surgery. I was doing my best just to breath only through my mouth because one whiff of @milka and I was going to wake up in a sugar induced coma surrounded by nothing but wrappers. An hour later and there were only 3 casualties thankfully, a piece of biltong, one chocolate chip @juiceplusuk bar and a @Haribo.....ok, 5 Haribo but they were tiny and had it coming to them.



I woke up randomly early this morning at 0530, I had a bit of extra time so thought I’d use a couple of my satphone minutes to check in with my Nan (second picture, she’s the one on the right) and make sure she was staying out of trouble. Now, my grandmother isn’t the most technologically gifted in the world and I knew the delay of the satphone was going to throw her but hoped I could get at least a hello across. In short - it was chaos, “oh this blasted thing, I do wish you could hear me.....crrrrrrr.....blast it....crrrrr....Scotty?....crrrrr” The last thing I could faintly make out before we said goodbye was something about making sure “I wear a hat” which just goes to show, you can survive a month alone in Antarctica but your Nan will still tell you to make sure you wrap up warm.