Day 28

image1 (26).jpg

Could you all please confirm for me there is actually a person standing next to me in this picture and I haven’t completely lost the plot!?

Today had been an absolute battle from the start, the wind was thumping when I woke up and the sastrugi is getting bigger and bigger. It was by far the coldest day yet and I’ll be honest I was in a pretty bad place at 1pm having covered only 8km in 5 hours. I was working as hard as I could and getting nowhere, I was cold, hungry and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Pathetic. I kept on trudging and after four distinct portions of steep climbing the wind settled a little and I passed the 20km point. At about 1730 I looked up to see a black dot on the incline ahead of me. PEOPLE! I instantly start going over all the Expeditions out here and I can’t figure out who it may be. I’m definitely the most southern of people coming from Hercules Inlet, it must be a traverse. I think it might be the Ice Maiden team but they aren’t due to hit the South Pole until Sunday. For 20 minutes I keep my eyes fixed on the dots, fearing if I glance away they’ll vanish. Unfortunately, after 20 minutes they still aren’t any closer and they don’t appear to be moving down the incline towards me, the perspective and scale of Antarctica is playing havoc with me, I then think I see them flicker slightly and realise they aren’t people at all but must be two tiny flags marking a resupply cache. I head off towards them but the perspective is still off and they aren’t getting any bigger, then the gap widens significantly between the two and it becomes clear they definitely aren’t flags and are moving towards me, PEOPLE AGAIN! Wait, not people, CARS! There are two massive bloody Hilux tearing across the Antarctic plateau at me! They’ve got flags on the back and I can’t help but think they look like something out of Mad Max. I realise they are going to be next to me in a matter of minutes, “I wasn’t prepared for this, oh god, what should I say? Do you hug or shake hands in Antarctica? Or is it like France and you kiss them on the cheek? No, I shouldn’t kiss them, that would be weird. Just be cool Scott.... and don’t take their food...oh god I wonder how much food they must have in those trucks... DON’T TAKE THE FOOD...should I offer them some of my food?....I’m really hungry....don’t give them your need your food....maybe they have extra food...NO! Don’t take their food.” Before I can sort myself out the trucks are next to me, I’ve got my headphones in and then poltergeist is behaving itself enough for Taylor Swift’s “We are never getting back together” to be blaring in my ear. The window rolls down and a bearded man is saying something at me, oh god I can’t him, why can’t I hear him, he’s looking at me weirdly now, say something Scott...say something. “HELLO! I’VE BEEN ALONE FOR 30 DAYS! I LIKE YOUR TRUCKS! BIG! VERY BIG!” I inadvertently scream at the (Norwegian) bearded man. I manage to get my headphones loose and realise how loudly I’m talking and knock it down a peg or two. Everyone gets out and we exchange hello’s. They’ve completed a traverse across the continent and are on their way back to Union Glacier, they’ll make the distance it has just taken me 30 days to cover in two heart sinks as they tell me this. After some good ol fashion back slapping and pictures, they are back in their vehicles and about to set off “are you unsupported?” One of the gents asks “Yeah, yeah I am” “Ach, that’s a shame, we have so much food we could have given you.”