Day 29

image1 (27).jpg

Crossed over the 87th degree and into the “Sastrugi National Park” or “the swamp”. The last 10km of the 86th degree things already started getting pretty choppy! The air mass flowing downhill from the centre of the plateau cuts the surface of the ice onto ridges which are beautiful but also a pain in the arse to get across. It also creates a “dune” like effect, making the entire day a process of long steady climbs up and over mounds. The constant clambering over ridges is hard work on the legs and I was lucky to make a respectable 35km in 11hr 30 mins.

It was a double dinner tonight which always makes it a good day, although I had somehow managed to choose two cous cous meals (cous cae) and felt that cous cous cous cous was just way too many cous’s, so substituted it out for a chicken and rice instead.

Shout out to C Coy who started their Xmas leave today, gutted to have missed out on what I can only imagine was a delicious final messing. As you can see from the photo, Gurkhas are not only some of the finest and feared soldiers in the world, they are also amongst the best dabbers in the game. Merry Christmas boys!


Question: From my Radio Operator Rifleman John - Why didn’t you just try and break the record for the most number of tennis balls held in one hand instead of going all the way to Antarctica?

A very good point John Bhai, that was exactly the kind of suggestion I could have done with 6 months ago!