Day 31


I’m determined to get out of this sastrugi as quickly as possible, unfortunately the effort required to cover any distance is gonna finish me off for good I think! We just squeezed over the 30km point after 12 hours of being yanked around by Bessie. I’m hoping we can be out and free within a day and a half if the weather stays good.

The beard has officially crossed into new ground today as being substantial enough it catches food. I’m at the point now where i tend to just wear my snack bag round my face like a horse’s feed bag during my breaks. When I got back to skiing something kept tickling my lip, I assumed it was a mini icicle on my moustache but was pleasantly surprised when a little bit of chocolate came loose into my mouth. Every calorie helps!

I also passed the last waypoint on my GPS before the pole which was something of a milestone. Just 250 short kilometers to go! The 38 day dream is alive and kicking, as long as I can keep minimizing the damage these next two days and stay around the 30km mark each day, a big push next week should get me into the pole in time for Christmas Dinner. I’ve heard rumors the chef at the South Pole camp is incredible, imagine my first meal being none other than Christmas dinner! The Godfather of the roasts! I spent a good 45 minutes today day dreaming about a Yorkshire pudding the size of a jacuzzi you could eat your way out of......that’s normal right?