Day 32

image1 (30).jpg

I need to stop looking like such a miserable bugger in my pictures, I think it’s because 90% of the time I’m squinting to see if it’s recording and not actually trying to take a picture. On the plus side - beard watch is back! As you can see it is now at the rather uncomfortable length where it freezes to my buff, requiring me to essentially wax my chin every time I wish to remove it.

I’ve set up camp just a few hundred metres short of the 88th degree. Which will hopefully bring the end of the sastrugi. It also marks the point of where I have to start carrying all my human waste with me, so a very tactical camp
position allowing me free reign for one more night. We managed to get 31km in the bag today, sastrugi was a continued pain in the arse but I hope by tomorrow evening it will have started to flatten out.

The iPod poltergeist is still coming and going, I’m almost certain it’s because of the cold as when things warm up it leaves me alone for a bit. It seems to have a pretty decent sense of humour though as it has switched from just reading out the songs to fast forwarding through them now. I banged out Ed Sheerans album in 2 mins 30 seconds today.

I’m allowing myself the mini fantasy tonight that this time next week I’ll be tucking into Christmas dinner at the South Pole, and then this time in two weeks I’ll be back in London Town - no doubt having already put back on all the weight I lost!


When you get to the pole will you sleep inside or outside in your tent?

ALE have a small camp at the Pole where I’ll be able to get some food but I’ll still sleep in my tent until the plane comes to pick me up. Don’t think I can legally share a building with anyone given my current body odour situation!