Day 33

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I made the mistake today of for some reason thinking sastrugi doesn’t exist outside of the 87th degree. So when after 2 hours of relatively good going I found myself back in the middle of ridges of ice as high as my waist, I threw what I believe is referred to as a wobbly. I was a bit tired and frustrated with the last three days and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to just set up the tent there and then, and call it a day at 11am. Unfortunately, the sastrugi would have still been there tomorrow and the only way I was going to get rid of it was to push on. The voice constantly muttering 38 days....38 days...38 days.... wasn’t having it when I begged for an early finish either. We pushed on and after just shy of 12 hours made 33.36km. This also brought me under 200km to the pole - we’re looking good for a Christmas Day finish.

Despite being very excited to finish and get back to London and everything they flew with it, I’m doing my best to really soak up and enjoy the last few days of this very special experience. I’m extremely fortunate to have experienced Antarctica, let alone in this way. I have no doubt I’ll be missing my tent and Bessie in no time at all, sneaking down to the garage to check on her every now and again.

I’ve also officially run out of slack to tighten on my harness. The buckles are now tightened to the maximum and it’s just a full circle of foam around my waist. When I started off i had a pretty healthy gap at the front. I’m having to  put Bessie a good 15 metres away from the tent with the food sealed inside. I bring in my breakfast for the next morning and that’s it, nothing is safe at this point.