Day 34

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After a very good run of blue skies we were due a white out. I had a couple of patches of blue join me for a few minutes throughout the day but otherwise it was head down staring at the compass for 12 hours. I’m just grateful I managed to get away from the sastrugi before it closed in, otherwise I would have struggled to make any progress at all. The 88th degree has come good on the promise of no sastrugi and we blasted out 35km today. The cloud is likely to stick around for a couple of days, hopefully we won’t have a blog black out like last time, that would be horrible timing! The wind picked up nicely in time for tent pitching, mid struggle can be witnessed above, in about 30 seconds I walk towards the camera unaware I have a guy rope around my ankle and end up face first in the snow.

I received some nice messages of “support” from nameless Officers at the RGR via satphone today, “stop moaning about the cold, it’s cold in Val D’Isere too but we don’t feel the need to blog about it!” My thoughts are with them!

Spoke to my Dad on the satphone this evening, it was truly remarkable as by the time I called it was midnight in the UK and he’d managed to stay awake, the first time he’s made it past 830pm since 94’. Strong work Nige!