Day 35

image1 (7).jpg

I woke up at 0330am and couldn’t fall back asleep in the slightest (I find the tent comfortable but the subconscious might finally be getting sick of living in something the same width as me!). I thought there was no point just lying there so packed up and got on the way before 0600am. Rather ridiculously I had the same feeling as being out and about in London before the city wakes up, like I had the whole of Antarctica to myself, it’s hardly like I’ve been battling morning rush hour! We covered 35km which brings me to exactly 120km from the pole. You may have heard me say this journey is the same as walking from the Czech Republic to London, if we are still using that analogy then I would have just made it back onto home soil in Dover. If I keep up this pace I’ll be at the pole in three and a half days, which coincidentally is how long it takes to get from Dover to London on Southeastern rail.

I hope you are all out enjoying Christmas drinks over the next couple of days. Gutted to be missing out on all the festive fun. Delighted to hear we have crossed the £30,000 mark for the Gurkha Welfare Trust, a huge thank you to everyone who has donated. If you’re at the pub over the next couple of days you can donate the cost of a Christmas pint in memory of Suraj, by texting ANTG90 £3 to 70070 (where can you find a £3 pint these days?!) Tag a mate below once you’ve donated and you’ll be entered to win a Shackleton beanie (like I’m wearing in the pic).


As per desert island disks - what would be your luxury item? Easy - A bottle of sauce that never runs out and a bottle of Pizza Express house dressing that never runs out. The two most versatile sauces on the planet.

What song would you listen to over and over again? Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill.