Day 36


No points for guessing what word is about to be screamed. To cut a long story short regarding longitude and latitude, here is the simple version. Imagine a clock face, the South Pole is in the middle (obviously), I’m at the 5 o’clock position, at one point today is was just 89km to the middle from where I was. However, the only way you can get to the pole is from the 9 o’clock position because there is an exclusion zone of sciencey stuff going on between the 6 o clock position and the pole. This means I have to walk round and approach from the 9 o clock, putting me 103km in total. Does that make sense? I should still make it on Christmas Day, it just means I’ll be there late in the evening and have to beast myself the next 3 days to make it in time!

The news of the detour wasn’t even the worst part of today! I’ve consumed a lot more of my coffee than I had planned per day, meaning I’ve run out in my hour of need! I need to put in 3 epic days without a single bit of Caffeine, not something I’m looking forward to.


How have you avoided any injuries or repetitive strain problems on the expedition?

I’ve been very lucky that muscle/tendon/bone wise I haven’t have any injuries yet. I’ve stretched in the evening when I feel the need to but I’d like to think the reason for no injuries is down to solid preparation (and a lot of luck!)

Have you had any injuries?

I’ve had a bit of swelling around my eyes from the cold and some sores across my chest but otherwise I’ve been very lucky so far. The ALE doctors are fantastic and always available on the sat phone to ask any questions.

What’s your next adventure?

In the interest of my own safety (as Liv would kill me). I’ll have to say there are none planned at the moment.