Day 37


Needed a big day after last nights set back, thankfully Bessie provided and we are now within 63km of the pole! It was a whiteout all day which wasn’t ideal, but the wind kept at a very sociable level all day which made going good. I’ve learnt that walking with your eyes open or closed in a whiteout makes absolutely no difference to being able to keep in a straight line, so whilst trudging along with my eyes shut I suddenly jerked upwards as I nodded off. How is that possible?! To fall asleep whilst moving?!

The lack of sun did make it very cold today though, I have very cold hands and am having to stop every couple of meters to swing them round to force blood into them. I skied most of the day with my enormous Shackleton down jacket on as well as my wind proof, I usually save that for when I’m stationary!

Snow is now falling lightly on my tent, this would usually be cause for great excitement on Christmas Eve eve, but I’m confident the two miles of snow and ice below are going to hold 48 hours to give me a white Christmas.

A huge thanks to everyone who entered the beanie competition and donated the cost of a pint in memory of Sudan . Entries are still open - just text “ANTG90 £3” to 70070 and then tag a mate below to be entered into the draw.