Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all have a great day. It’s still Christmas Eve here, makeshift stockings are out but judging by the state and stench of them I wouldn’t be surprised if Santa gives those ones a miss.

You’d think being 63km from the pole would be enough morale to make the penultimate day nice and easy. I couldn’t have asked for better weather but well and truly hit a wall midway through the day. I wanted to make sure I was under 30km from the pole for a good finish tomorrow. At 38km left to go I hit the wall, I’ve never experienced anything like it, I would take a couple of steps and just stop, everything was just saying “no more, not one more step”. It was bizarre as I’ve genuinely been feeling pretty good. I pulled out my snack bag and necked half a litre of my @juiceplusuk shake, I was hoping I was just having a sugar crash than mental breakdown. I threw some biltong and chocolate down my neck, begged the IPod poltergeist to randomly select a good pump up tune and got back in the harness. Thankfully the dark iPod lord cooperated and I got a good run of tunes and the calories kicked in, I was able to squeeze 11 more kilometres out, putting me just 27km short. Hoping to arrive at the Pole by around 9pm UK time on Christmas Day so be sure to keep your phone handy when you are in your food comas!

I’m not sure what is more surreal, the fact I’m so close to finally reaching the pole or that the shortbread and pepperamis I bought from Asda in Shoreditch are still acceptable to eat after opening them at the start of November!

Merry Christmas!