South Pole things


Hoping everyone has come out of their Christmas feast food comas. I’m still here at the South Pole, waiting for the weather to cooperate both at Union Glacier and here at the same time so I can get picked up. Thankfully ALE have the most absurdly lovely guides camped here at the Pole who have been helping me regain the 10kg I lost over the last 5 weeks. It’s a tough job but one I am very willing to cooperate with. My stomach didn’t really know what had hit it when I arrived as I started pouring plates worth of food in my mouth, it completely rejected the quantity and I actually ended up being sick! Moderation has never been my strong point. The second phase has seen bacon become a major player in my life right now, thankfully I’ve regained some self control now and no longer use a funnel to feed myself and downsized to a fork.

The best thing about the ALE camp has to be the warm semi permanent tent that has a solar powered screen and movie filled hard drive. I’ve not been sleeping too well since I got here so between the hours of 1am and 7am this morning watched American Sniper, Lone Survivor and then Bridesmaids. Three very similar movies.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, if the weather goes perfectly there is a chance I could be on a flight out of Antarctica on the 29th, then onwards to the UK back in time for New Years Eve in London. I think we can all agree I owe Liv a nice evening out before this year is up!

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