Day 16

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After yesterday’s absolute slogfest through mounds of powder, Bessie seriously needed to start pulling her weight or she was in danger of getting cut loose at the next crevasse field. Thankfully, she rose to the occasion today, setting a new personal best of 34.64km in 11 hours. Conditions were very good, the surface had hardened over night and the wind was down to a relative breeze.

Over the 11 hour sessions my thoughts alternate between the two loves of my life, Liv and food. At the moment it is about 80-20 in favour of food so I thought I’d focus on that in today’s blog. Before I left I showed you all 50 days good stacked up, here’s a little bit more info about what’s inside each pack and how it gets consumed throughout the day.

0630 - wake up and boil water that was melted the night before. Add to porridge with 1 scoop of Juice Plus powder. Washed down with a cup of coffee. On the far left you’ll see my daily vitamins, 3 Juice Plus capsules and 2 Juice Plus Omega capsules.

0815 -0830 start skiing. I’ll then break every 90 minutes and dip into my snack bag and flask of coffee/water.

Every snack bag has:

Cheese (either 2x@babybels or 55g soft cheese)
Trail mix (nuts, dried fruit, m&ms)
Droewors and Biltong from Susmans in Sussex (my local)
2 x chocolate bars

Every single day I try and see how long I can wait until I inhale the biltong and droewors but it hasn’t survived past midday yet.

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1930 - I’ll stop skiing and as soon as the tent is up I’m boiling the water to add to my evening meal from @basecamp food. They supplied me with multiple different brands, so I’ll only have the same meal a couple of times the entire trip, they have been absolutely delicious so far. Dessert is usually a mousse or fruit and custard dried meal which you just add water to, the chocolate mousse is a farceeeee, if anyone is looking for a cheap date just get a couple of those in for you and your other half, best meal you’ll have all year.