Day 19

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When my iPod died last week and I had nothing but my thoughts for 11 hours a day, I became obsessed with the goal of finishing the expedition on Christmas Day, it is what kept me driving through the fresh powder, leaning deeper into the harness. 38..38..38..38..38 days, I literally kept repeating it over and over for hours on end, almost chanting it in my head. To complete the 1100km in 38 days would put me 12 days ahead of schedule, that’s 12 days of mileage that needs to be absorbed into 38. It is risky, but one of the driving reasons behind this expedition was to try and find my limit both mentally and physically. 38 days would definitely require me to find and surpass both those limits.

My body is definitely beginning to show some fatigue, I still feel strong but my legs are slowing a bit, I’ve lost a fair amount of weight in the last couple of weeks as my body is physically incapable of replacing the 7000-9000 calories I’m burning each day. To surpass 30km a day requires constant focus to keep my legs pushing, it is not a pace that allows my mind to drift off for too long at once, I’ll be mid way through my second rack of baby back ribs at the @ribshack end suddenly snap back to reality and realise I’m crawling along like a snail. I’ve had to shelve the audiobooks for now as well, I was really enjoying @hilaryclintons “what happened” the last couple of days but I end up skiing very slowly as I get absorbed in the story (there is also the constant risk of throwing myself in the next crevasse as I am reminded Donald Trump is actually the President).

In some of the few minutes I did drift away today, I found myself in a food fantasy of epic proportions at @pizzaexpress. Started off with 2  x bruschetta, 24 dough balls, 2 x American Romanas (house dressing on the side and a mixed salad (to be healthy). Closed out with a double chocolate fudge cake and a large Peroni.

What part of your body gets most cold?
I can tell you very specifically that it is my right thumb! I wear mittens so all my fingers are keeping each other warm and the thumb is just left out there hanging out by himself. The right one gets coldest because it is taking the brunt of the southern wind coming from my front right.

Have you been In touch with Guinness to make it official or does that happen after?
I verified the current record with the people who hold all the records of polar Expeditions, the Guinness confirmation would come after (if I were successful!)

How bad do you smell right now?
Horrendous. I wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near this bad as I thought the cold might kill off half the smell but it is as bad as you would expect from someone who sweats all day, doesn’t wash and doesn’t change their clothes.