Day 20


Big ol day out on the ice today. 40.1km In 12hrs 15 minutes. Team celebration pictured, can’t help thinking I look more enthused than Bessie. I crossed the 84th degree yesterday which signaled the only portion of this journey which is flat, when I woke up and the conditions were perfect I had to try and make the most of it and get some miles under my belt. I’m now within 75km of Thiels corner which is mentally (and physically) a big mile stone.

Worrying times on the iPod front though as I’m coming to the end of all downloaded podcasts. Will be very sad to see the end of @Desert Island disks, am kicking myself for not downloading copious amounts more. Who knew that it would be Ed Miliband’s that kept me going in the 12th hour of skiing today! Season finale of “tracks” tomorrow, I dropped the episode into a playlist today and set it to shuffle but it never came up, it’s like a very tame version of Russian roulette.....but with podcasts.....

On a very controversial note, Chilli Con Carne could be relegated as top meal thus far, had a chicken korma last night that I’d consider selling a kidney to have again.

Shout out to all the boys from 9 platoon and C Company who are back from Kenya, hope they all had a great time out there, I’m in desperate need of an enormous messing soon as I’ve lost so much weight I’m starting to look like PC1!


How are you managing injuries and soreness?

Touch wood I haven’t had any “injuries” yet. I stretch a bit each evening (I say a bit because stretching is my least favourite thing). If something is particularly bothering me I might pop a couple of pain killers, I try to avoid that though, I’d rather be slightly aware of some discomfort so I know exactly how I’m feeling than mask it with medication.

What’s been your favourite part of the challenge so far?

Getting off the plane and seeing Antarctica for the first time was a very special moment. It took such an insane amount of work to get to that point, this part is the reward really. I’ll also say finding my first spare snickers was a pretty bloody good moment.